Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scorpios and Smiley Crane

Who would have thought that a top-of-the-line, brand new (as in 2 months old) air conditioning unit would break down? Well, it did. Sunday morning, I had a premonition something was going wrong, because I was worried there was something that might cause a fire at our house. I double checked to make sure everything was unplugged. When we got back, the a/c motor was making weird noises, and after Mitch turned it off, it wouldn't turn back on again. Monday, the Goettl guys came--found a faulty motor. Tuesday--no part in stock. Wednesday--they replaced the motor this morning, BUT, still no cold air. So the repair men checked the outside compressor component, and it wasn't working correctly--it kept popping the breaker. The supervisor came and checked the unit himself. They found MELTED WIRES inside, and replaced the ENTIRE a/c unit by lifting it over the house with a CRANE! Smily Crane, to be exact. I loved it. Tyson loved it. Emmett didn't necessarily not love it, but it was hot outside, so he kept laying his head on my shoulder & sucking his thumb instead. 7 hours after the repairmen showed up today, they achieved their purpose, and we now have cool and blessed air in our house again! Our air temp has dropped 20 degrees! (P.S. I'd like to give a shout out to my parents for letting us sleep over for 2 nights in a row!)
This is actually the 2nd crane that's been to our house this year. The first one was red. I happened to like this yellow one.
WE ARE SO LUCKY to get a personal visit from a crane--that's every little boy's dream!...Maybe it's the dream of their momma's FOR the little boys...but either way, it's great!
This devil creature was in my bathtub. This picture makes my tub look way dirtier than it really is. At any rate--aren't you glad that I'm still alive? I think he got into the tub when he started chasing that cricket that was also in my tub--all of this is WEIRD, by the way--we NEVER have crickets inside the house. I was shocked by the cricket in there, and then when I moved the baby bath seat and saw the scorpion next to my foot, I SCREAMED my HEAD OFF!

Good thing I moved my foot, because he was after it and attacked this bottle of shampoo instead.

Unfortunately this is just one of the scorpios we've found recently--mostly we find them outside. Don't you love scorpio season? It makes me feel all creeped out, and skittish! Good thing I know Keven Conolly, owner of Connolly Pest Management--we've got to EXTERMINATE these little boogers!