Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nick's DELUX Drive-In Proposal

Mitch & I are getting a new sister-in-law!  Besides the fact that she's super cool, the best part of this was that we got to see the proposal!  I've never seen anyone (besides my husband) "pop the question".  In case you wanted the replay, here it is:  I was on the phone with Tina, viewing the romantic dinner from a distance.

Tina: Make sure to text or call us when you think it happens.
Me: Okay, they're still eating dinner...*GASP* He's getting up...I think this is it...oh, wait, he's not kneeling down, maybe he's just getting her more food, but...oh my gosh...he's on his knees now, and they're hugging...okay, I call you back.
(5 minutes later)  I texted Tina:  They're still hugging next to their candlelight dinner!!!!  We're pretty sure he popped the question!!!!!!
Tina: So do you still think he did it?
Me: Yeah...for sure...pretty darn.
Tina: Don't you feel like you're spying on them?
Me:  It's technically not spying, since Nick knows we're here.

Here's the beautiful set up.  By the way, these are the first roses Nick has ever given to Ashely, and it took him 3 trips to the store to get them.  He had to make a trip SPECIFICALLY for the flowers in order to remember them!  It cracks me up!  The tall candles and celebratory Sparkling Grape Juice were his own personal touch. I spent all day fretting over making sure I'd have the dinner made, still warm, and all the things loaded with ample time to get it ready & to hide from Nick and Ashley.  The set up almost gave me a heart attack, though, because it took a while longer to load the "living room" set up for them as well as all of the extra touches (lucky for us, Scott helped), and THEN WE TOOK A WRONG TURN to the theatres!!! I was DYING ( we were acutally praying, too) !  Luckily, Nick was able to stall long enough for us to set it up & get to the other side of the lot before they showed up.
I left a camera on the table so he could take a picture.  After proposing & calling her mom, Nick tells Ashley, "Well, we could take a picture, or we could have D-Jo do it."
She was totally surprised we were there.

Apparently we did a good job not making it obvious that we were at the drive-ins "spying". (We HAD to stay, though, because we couldn't leave the trailer & dinner for them to clean up on their special day).  We're super lucky she didn't see us there, because there was a whopping total of ONLY 4 cars watching the Nanny McPhee/Despicable Me feature. That means: besides our truck, and Nick's truck, there were ONLY 2 vans between us! HAHA!  We parked on the other side of the lot hoping she wouldn't hear our kids crying or anything, but feeding them a dinner of cupcakes and soda as they watched the movie did the trick.  They were REALLY happy as we hid by our truck. : )

The Happy Couple!  Aren't they CUTE?!  Totally beaming!

Proof that Mitch & I were the first ones to know.

They didn't mind showing off the engagement ring as they kissed in this photo.
Here are my children enthralled in the movie...actually they're just in a comatose state after the soda & cupcakes to keep them quiet during the proposal, haha!

The aftermath of a candlelight dinner--the wax dripped like crazy, but Ashley said it was "perfect", so it made us all really happy!  Probably nobody more than Nick. : )
Congratulations, Nick & Ashley!  Thanks for letting us help!  We love you guys!