Thursday, September 30, 2010

Special Boy, Special Day

The day Emmett Joe entered our lives, our hearts just grew.  He's such a special little guy--he has a calming effect on all of us, and he's just sweet.  He's shy & had a hard time at first with all the attention, but by the end of his birthday it was apparent that he enjoyed the birthday attention because he started expecting me to follow his every whim.  I realized that while I give him tons of attention, on his birthday he got a different kind of attention than he's used to, and he LIKED it. : )  We threw a spontaneous little party at the park, and it turned out great!  All of your family in town came to support you, and we had a fun time! 

Grandpa B was caught letting Emmett lick the frosting pre-maturely.  BUSTED!
 This is the adorable cake that I bought so that I wouldn't have to slave away.
 Forgot the candle so we used a large match instead. : )
 Indulgence is sweet!  I actually captured a really cute video that I'm having trouble posting.  He began by licking the frosting one finger lick at a time, and as we all stood around him in a circle and cheered, he gained confidence and before we knew it performed a classic 1st birthday feast. : )
 Emmett's friend Katie turns 1 next week!  So big already!
 I'm trying to decide what he's thinking in this picture, hehe!
Emmett's friend Hudson came, too, with his mom, Jenny.  And his "Auntie Lindsay" never forgets him. : )
 His first reaction to presents--the slides seemed more appealing.
Kind of blinking but still adorable.

Emmett Joe, we love you so!  What a fantastic year it's been with you!  You're so cute "toddling" around everywhere!  Happy 1st Birthday!