Sunday, October 24, 2010

$4 Croquet

My stud muffin husband found an amazing deal at a garage sale last week Saturday.  $4 for a WOODEN Croquet set in good condition.  We were amazed & we loved it.  We took the set with us to a park & played croquet with the Newman's after we at at YC's.  Funny story:  We walk into YC's Mongolian Grill & realize that there's NO SHARING allowed, which we thought was a little lame.  As we sat IN FRONT OF THE REGISTER discussing whether or not those were acceptable terms to us at the price they were asking for a bowl of food, I began to realize that Craig said the same thing to the girl at the register about 4 different times.  The gyst of it:  Their food was way too expensive & that if we were going to pay that price, we were going to end up with a month's worth of food.  I thought he was kidding.  We all paid the top dollar price & then proceeded to get the largest bowls of food I have ever seen in my life.  I kid you not, Craig piled his bowl about a foot high with food for them to did Mitch.  At first I started laughing because it was so ridiculous, and then I felt totally bad because we had had a group discussion about the price of the food.  Let me tell you, we definitely got a bargain. I even asked the girl at the register if we needed to pay extra for the food & she said that food bowls like that were normal & that's the reason why they don't allow sharing.  It was hilarious & a little ridiculous, and I will definitely visit YC's again--they had great customer service & delicious food, even if I was embarrassed because for a moment in time I felt like I was with a group of teenagers again.  So funny!  That's why we like hanging out with Craig--he makes it interesting, and we get home with a "month's worth of food" from the actually only lasted about 3 days, but that's besides the point. : )