Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gorgeous day for the Zoo!

 I spontaneously decided to go to the Zoo & Friday, and totally lucked out that friends could go with me! It turned into such a fun trip and it was a gorgeous day, too!  We seriously couldn't have picked a more beautiful day--slightly overcast, slight breeze, animals up & roaming, not hot--just PERFECT weather.
The Rhinos looked awesome.  I love that there was grass there & that they were eating instead of lying there like a lump. : )  I guess that's what happens when it's NOT 117 outside.  I'll try to remember that for my next visit, haha.

 Lindsay was miraculously not working...well she was, but she was able to leave early & meet us up there--YAY!  Tyson was happy, too, because Lindsay isn't a frazzled, worn out, mommy & so he got to hang out with his "best friend" and ride on her back even.
 It was a miracle--the cheetahs were up, walking around, looking around & BEAUTIFUL.  This was my FAVORITE part.  I believe the last time I saw the cheetahs when they weren't asleep was when I was in grade school.  We came at the perfect time.
Emmett got away from me--I thought his footsteps were adorable.  Tyson decided to take a picture of us near the elephants--can you see them?  Of course, not, but he was proud that he got "the whole body" in the picture of me & Lindsay & Jenny.
I'm so glad Jenny came & brought Hudson--she was the first one to respond to my text & let me know that I would have company--I was so happy!...unfortunately I didn't snap the shot with the boys, but it was Hudson's FIRST ZOO TRIP!  Whoohoo!  Maybe I'll edit this post later when I get a pic from her.

It was a fun Zoo trip!  Thanks guys!