Monday, February 7, 2011

Not All Emoticons are Created Equal

In the eternal scheme of things, I suppose this doesn't even matter. . . . . .
                        . . . . . but let me tell you about something that bugs me!

If your cell phone carrier gives you the option to create a signature at the end of your text messages, and when that signature lets you include an emoticon, your cell phone company needs to be smart enough to transport the emoticon correctly to ALL other cell phones, not just people who have the same make and model.  I'm so irritated. 

All I want is for my cute little heart before my name to transport correctly to my friends' phones.  Is that too much to ask? 

Apparently it is too much to ask, because all they see is <<**D-Jo>. 

That is SO LAME! 

And when my husband wants to send me a
kissy face emoticon, all I get to see is :X  

Will someone please coordinate the emoticon languages to something universal that all the cell phones can read?  I CAN'T TAKE THE EMOTICON INJUSTICE ANYMORE!  : )