Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Eagle Port of Honor"

I can't speak highly enough of both of my brothers!  Maybe someday, my little boys will grow up to be just like their Uncles "Tater" and "Bebes"!  Maybe someday I will get to show this picture on a slide show at Tyson & Emmett's "Eagle Port of Honor"...(that's what Tyson calls it, haha!).

 More than a year after Taylor did his Eagle Project, and within a year of Heber doing his project, they were able to work the paperwork out to have their Eagle Court of Honor at the same time.  We had it January 29th and it turned out awesome!
 You can't buy the glow that comes from hard work, dedication, and service. 
 Taylor is so handsome!!!
 You can't buy the genuine love that these boy scouts show EVERY DAY to their friends and family.  Heber is handsome & loveable, too.  ...Mitch...I can't believe you got in the shot like that, haha!
 Liberty the Eagle Ambassador came to visit.  It was awesome!  Tyson was amazed at her shiny "boogers" when we were up close.  Oh, goodness.  Boys will be boys, right?
 We feel the missing pang in our hearts every time we take a group shot of us without Erin!  We love you, Erin & know you would have loved to have been there!  We know you are bursting with pride for your brothers, too!
 Senator Allen came and spoke to us!  How we love our affectionately named "Aunt Civil Rights" or "Aunt Civil Defense"...pick your favorite...I just call her "Aunt Civil"! 

Also, I shant forget to mention that you need to look at all of Heber's merit badges...I have never seen so many!  He had a goal to earn all of the possible badges...I don't know if he's reached that goal, yet, but he's sure done an amazing job working towards that goal!

 Linda Abbott of the Gilbert Town Council came, too!  We appreciated her support for Taylor & for our family!
 My mom & dad were so happy that night!  They're even happier that the boys did all the work themselves--they truly EARNED their eagles!  (My dad & his trio, Three2U sang at the ceremony, too).
This picture was actually from the middle of last year, but I included it, because it meant a lot to me that Taylor invited me to be on his Eagle Board of Review.  What an honor that he called me!  I actually didn't get to be in his room because the rules are different than they used to be, but the fact that he asked me to come was enough.  I was so happy to be there when he "passed" his board of review for his Eagle.  He's a great kid, and I love him so much!  I get choked up just writing about it!

I hope my brothers continue on being great American citizens, and continue to apply all the lessons they've learned through scouting.  There is something to be said for getting this far--they have learned lessons that they would have learned in no other way.  Way to be boys!  I hope my boys grow up to be just like you!

We should all strive to be