Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Tyson Loves nature shows. He calls any show about plants or animals "Planet Earth." THE OTHER DAY we were at granma and gwampa Tenney's house watching a "planet earth" about the pacific northwest. There are these birds that look a little bit like small penguins and dive super deep and basically fly underwater. The narrator talked about how they stay under a long time and work together to heard herrings into a tightly packed bunch. Then these birds swim/fly up from underneath the school of herrings and pick them off one at a time. The narrator said that while these birds work to feed on the school of fish, the gulls are opportunists. They can only dive about 3 feet and so they wait for the other diving birds to drive the herrings near the surface, then the gulls can pick them off from above. Tyson thought that was awesome and so he yelled, "DAD, DAD! The Opportunists are eating the fish!" It was awesome, he thought "opportunist" was the name of the gulls. This kid is so smart, and so cute when he almost gets something.

My favorite part of the show was when the humpback whale came out of nowhere and swallowed the entire school of herrings.