Sunday, March 20, 2011

Comedy Central at the Borden's

*I have written down several little clips from our lives in the past few months...I think they're all might only have enough time to read a few, so pick your favorite color, and enjoy those ones. : )

In January, our friend, Rhys, was over, and the boys decided to make their own can't quite hear the music playing on Tyson's instrument, but you can imagine...please enjoy my son's DEBUT BAND!

Tyson: Mommy! Mommy! Have you seen Toy Story 75?
D-Jo: No, I haven’t seen that one!

Tyson: It’s going to be totally awesome. It’s about a gooey pirate that fights another pirate and pushes him into the water. I want to see that one!

(I still don't really understand what a gooey pirate is, but apparently there's such a thing as a gooey spider, now, too.)

Tyson: I’m going to build a clubhouse in our backyard. That wiwll take lots and lots of wood and paint. And I will make a sign that says: No dogs! No Giruls! No ‘Dults! And No Babies! Only little boys and squeaky sharks will be allowed.

Early January, 2011:
Tyson has been in a phase of name calling that we’re working on breaking…I don’t know where he picked it up…possibly my brothers…. I used to think it was all a silly game until we had this conversation:

Tyson: Mommy, you’re a bush! Ha ha!
D-Jo: What?!
Tyson: Mommy, you’re a rhino!!!
D-Jo: Well, you’re a silly goose.
Tyson: You’re the letter F!!! Ha ha!
Mitch: If she’s the letter F, then you’re the letter W!
Tyson (cut to the quick): DAD! Don’t say that!

Tyson: Mom, I love you more than…one…deer…poop. More than one deer poop!

*I laughed so hard, because he was being so sincere!  His other most memorable love statement was...
"Mom, I love you more than a dazzling alligator that doesn't listen to his mommy!...I have no idea where he gets this stuff.

Me: Tyson, will you help save these clothes from the laundry monster? We have to put them away.

Tyson: Monsters are not real. They are fake.
Me: I don’t know, we have to put these clothes away, or the laundry monster will get them.
Tyson: No, Mom! They are not real!
Me: Oh, really? How do you know that?
Tyson (eyes wide & jaw protruding): Heavenly Father DID NOT make monsters!

End of January, 2011

In Scripture study before work, Mitchell was reading. Sometimes he gets bored or tries to use voices to keep everyone else interested/awake. Well, this morning he was using a Radio Announcer voice. It was so hilarious. As he was wrapping up scripture study, he stayed in his radio announcer voice and was voicing what the kids were doing. I was laughing and said something like “Quit it!” or “Knock it off”, and Tyson smiling told Mitch to stop it, and we started throwing pillows at him. On the spot, in his funny voice he started making up alliterations, “Pummeling the Papa with Pillows is Perceived to be…(pause to think)...imPolite!”

That was it—I was busting a gut laughing. Throughout the day he would say things on purpose with a /p/ at the beginning of as many words as he could. He had me rolling…not to mention how amazed I was at his MAD ALLITERATION SKILLS!!! I could never do that on the spot. Mitch is one of a kind!

Emmett likes to steal my hair clips and necklaces and run away with them like it's a day at church he wore my necklace almost the whole meeting and laughed about it...this is my blackmail picture:

Jan. ‘11

Tyson likes the scripture story about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. I had read it to him at night time…he requested it. The next day we were reading Bob books and he was sounding out words and after a long pause and out of the blue he says to me, “Ebba-a-ezzer is a big word.” I was like, “You’re right, son! King Nebuchadnezzar IS a big word! Now, let’s sound out the 3 letter word right here.” : ) I’m really happy, though, that he thinks about the scripture stories throughout the days. It sure makes a difference to teach your kids scriptures while they’re young.


Tyson was proud of himself the other day, because he told me, “I’m doing good with my words!”

He’s been using words like “rude”, “irritated”, “fuhuserated”, and “noggin”. Yesterday he was building a building with blocks and he looks at me and said, “Mom! Building and building are the same!” What a bright little whipper-snapper!!!!

3/15/11--Emmett crawls on the counter and down again...5 minutes later, Mitch comes home from work and apparently saves the fish. THE NEXT DAY, when I wondered why the fish wasn't swimming very much, he says to me..."Did you know the fish was laying on the counter when I got home yesterday?" Don't worry folks, we have a hearty little goldfish, and she's still alive. She's even past the shock that lasted for almost 2 days...I thought she was going to get flushed 2 or 3 times, but she's now swimming strong. Whew!

We own a PET SQUID.  You heard me.  The next two pictures are PROOF.  For the last 6 MONTHS, my children have been carting our "squid" around the back yard and front yard.  Occasionally it will come in the house, and Tyson reminds everyone that the squid is NOT allowed in the house, and he will open the door and THROW it outside.  When the neighbor's palm frond fell into our backyard that day LAST FALL, I never knew how it would change our playtime.  It's been wonderful.  Our squid is on her last string (recently, she had a "squid fever", so who knows where this is headed...she used to be green...then you can't even call her yellow, and her "camticals" (tentacles) are getting ripped off by the baby, much to Tyson's dismay, so I thought I should document her presence in our lives:

We were headed to a family dinner, and Mitch was trying to get Tyson in his seat faster, so he was playing with pincher hands to get him...
Mitch:  Oh no!  I'm a pincher bug!
Tyson (gets away/safe in his seat):  No, you were not a pincher bug, you were a crab.
Mitch:  Sometimes Mom is a crab.
D-Jo (shocked):  Hey!
Tyson: No, Dad!  Mom is not a crab.  Sometimes she is crabby.

Mitch had me laughing & Tyson got me rolling, so Mitch gave Tyson a high five for the "slam" they made at my expense.  Oh, it was classic!

3/20/11--Tyson was saying his prayers before bed.
Tyson:  "Thanks for the safari at church (they really did have a safari lesson), and thanks that I got to play at Grandma Borden's, ....In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Me:  Good job!   We should probably remember to keep praying for the people in Japan.
Tyson (as he put his hands behind his head to lay down):  Peeee essss...and help them find their families and get their food in Japan....

It was really a sweet prayer.  I thought it was hilarious that he said, "P.S." in the correct context, when he doesn't know exactly what it means.