Monday, February 13, 2012


So, we totally lucked out on Saturday when Trent & Rachel asked us to go to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with them.  They ended up having 2 extra tickets and let us fill in.  This was only my 2nd time seeing the choir live, and it was Mitch's 1st time.  Apparently it was the Mo-Tab's 2nd time EVER in Arizona.  Good thing Arizona is turning 100 tomorrow so that we could have a fun celebration.  We pretty much had the best seats in the house.  We were at the perfect range to get the the right sound mixing + the choir's natural sound coming towards us--my dad understands what that means, because it's a big deal to him, and the trio to have the right seating for the right sound mix at any concert. : )  We also had awesome seats because of Trent's skills at the ticket booth.  There was a mix up with the tickets and the Blake's ALMOST got jipped by getting nose-bleed seating even though they paid for a lower section, but the ticket booth was very accommodating and fixed the issue by giving us PERFECT seats!  We were only 4 rows up from the ground level, so we could see unobstructed past everyone's heads, and had a full view of the choir and orchestra.  The concert was great; I'm so glad we got to go for our early Valentine's date.  We ate at Pei Wei beforehand which meant I got crab wontons all to myself + we had excellent company.  We also ate dinner with Scott & Laurie, but I didn't take a picture until later.

My favorite parts of the performance included Alex Boye's solo on "Down to the River to Pray" (he sang each note with clarity and passion).  I also loved hearing "Come, Come, Ye Saints" live, and apparently my baby LOVED "Battle Hymn of the Republic", because he was kicking throughout the ENTIRE song.  So cute!  I also loved the Gershwin organ solo of "I've Got Rhythm".  Never in my life have I seen the organ played that way...I will probably never see something that amazing on the organ again.   I don't know how anyone can play differing rhythms and melodies between their hands AND simultaneously play a foot pedal line, too.  His whole body was in motion and the result was awesome.

Thanks, Trent & Rachel!  We had an awesome time and loved the Mo-Tab & Orchestra!