Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tender Moments

D-Jo: I have the cutest kids in the world!
Tyson:  Are you sure about dat? Because there are a lot of kids in the world.
D-Jo: Well, you and Emmett are the cutest kids to me!
Tyson:  Well I think there are kids who are probably cuter.
D-Jo:  Like who?
Tyson:  Like Cory's baby sister or somefing.

We were fortunate to host a missionary discussion in our home last week for a friend who is looking into the church.  We were having a lesson on the First Vision and my husband was reading the passage.  To relate back to something that had happened to our friend, Mitch read the passage and stopped after her read about the pillar of light.  Before he started to expound, Tyson (who had been sitting quietly) piped up and said, "The light was Jesus and God."  It made me so happy that he remembered that and that he was being a little missionary.  At only 4 1/2 and he helped teach a discussion on the 1st Vision.  Gotta love it!

After church on Sunday, I asked Tyson what he learned at church.
Tyson:  I don't know.
D-Jo: You don't know what you learned about?  You forgot already?
Tyson: No, I don't know IF I learned.
D-Jo:  Well, learning is when you hear something new.  So, what was your lesson about.
Tyson:  The war in Heaven.
D-Jo:  Well, have you heard about that before?
Tyson:  I don't think so.
D-Jo:  Then you learned something!  Yay! (Knuckles)
Then we started talking about who won the war in Heaven.  And I told him that we're still fighting the war in Heaven here on earth now.
Tyson: I know that.
D-Jo:  How did you know that?
Tyson: That's what my teacher said!
D-Jo:  Oh!  And do you know how we win the war against Satan on earth today?
Tyson: By doing good things and being nice!

Looks like he's learning...even if he's not sure what "learning" is.  : )

Sometimes I ask my kids, "Will you be my little boy forever?"
Tyson's response is always, "You mean, your big-boy forever?"
Emmett's response is always, "Will you be my little mommy forever?"

Sometimes I tell Emmett he's a "cutie-patootie", and he says back to me: 
"You a tooey-tooey!"

And this last one endears me to Emmett, because it makes me smile.  He likes to "race" Tyson from the front door to the back door, although he doesn't truly care who gets there first, which is good because Tyson ALWAYS wins.  Emmett is always the one who starts the race when they're lining up on the wall and he tries to say "On your mark, get set, go!" except it comes out, "On get mark! On GET, GO!"