Monday, June 11, 2012

Do You Need a Laugh Today?

I am a fearless mother of 3 (that's not the funny part, quit laughing). 

For the first time ever, I ventured out to brave the world alone with my 3 children.  I didn't have my husband to help me, nor my in-laws, nor my siblings. With courage, we entered the Public Library and in record time checked out books for the children to participate in the summer reading program.  There were no mishaps, no lost children, no fits.  I was Super Mom and my children were PERFECT, but before we left the building my two-year old needed to use the restroom.  "No problem, this will be easy," I thought and we marched into the bathroom, wheeling the stroller and all.  Much to my surprise the restroom was empty...but that should have been my first warning sign.  As we strolled deeper into the bathroom, my eye caught a red sign with yellow wording, "Out of Order", and it was sitting ON A URINAL.  At this moment I slow the stroller to a stop and begin to turn around when in walks a grown man.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a stranger.  It was my high school friend, Rob, who I haven't seen for years, and I begin laughing.

Me:  Oh!  Hi!
Rob (double-take, and recognition):  Oh my gosh, hi!
Me: Imagine meeting you here!
Rob:  What are you doing?
Me:  Is this the Men's bathroom?
Rob: Um, yes.

In walks another man.

Me:  Well if it makes you feel better, I do have a boy with me.
Rob:  So, maybe we can talk outside the bathrooms when he's done.
Me:  Yeah, that sounds good. 

As I wheeled my children into the bustling Women's bathroom, I checked the signs again just to make sure.  I could have SWORN that I was entering the women's bathroom the first time, but sure enough, clear as day there was a man's drawing on that side.  I must suffer from bathroom-sign-dyslexia, though, because I just gave my friend Rob, and his wife something to laugh about the rest of the summer.  As we were talking outside the bathrooms I told them my baby was 5 weeks old and I thought we'd venture out today do try the summer reading program and see if we could handle going places with 3 kids, but clearly I must not be ready to handle such adventures if I can't even walk into the right bathroom. 

Although it was mortifying--there is a blessing to recognize here: At least I didn't WALK IN on my friend.  Thank Heaven those urinals were out of order and that I was 30 seconds AHEAD of the men.  *Whew!*