Friday, June 22, 2012

When You're a Girl, Your Favorite Color Must be Pink...

Emmett is CONVINCED that my favorite color is pink.  I'm the only girl in the house, so naturally I get everything that constitutes as a "girl color"--pink plates, pink clothes, the inherent longing for anything in a commercial for girl toys that seem to have obscene amounts of pink.  Never in my life have I adored the color pink, but it's hard to tell Emmett that.  I don't want to shatter the way he sees the world, you know?  

There was a day that I was absolutely anti-pink.  Seeing the color actually made my stomach turn.  My drive to despise was fueled by the understanding that every other girl in the world loved any and every shade of the color pink.  I needed to define myself by loving a different color--such as neon green.  As I've grown up, however, I've developed a better appreciation for pink, so when Emmett looked in the mirror a couple Sundays ago and realized that his little rosy cheeks were pink and announced, "Hey!  My cheeks are pink.  Pink is Mom's FAVWIT!"  I said, "Yes, it is--especially when it's on you!"  There are few things more irresistible in this world than little, chapped, rosy pink cheeks on a toddler.  It makes you want to pinch and kiss those cute little p-i-n-k cheeks.  Looks like pink is going to be my color of choice for a while.

 Blurry photos are compliments of Emmett--not bad for a 2 year old, actually.