Monday, June 4, 2012

Lemonade Made the Day

 Tyson has been doing extra chores to earn money, such as vacuuming out my car and difficult things like that for a 4-year old to do.  For a long time he's been wanting to have a Lemonade Stand.  It's been months that we've been talking about it.  Mitchell started making a stand, but never finished it the way he had originally planned it to be and then I had the baby and Mitchell worked every Saturday in May and was out of town for one of them.  Finally he was home for the 1st Saturday since we had the baby and he decided the stand he was working on was good as is and after we went swimming, they made FRESH lemonade and he got the boys all set up for their lemonade stand.
 They were so darling!  I was actually getting choked up watching them "live the dream".  Things like this are really what life is about.  And moments like this make me LOVE the summer time with my family!
 Mitch added the finishing touches.  He said it's all about presentation.  : )
 And then came the waiting....
 And waiting....
 When a car would drive by the kids got all excited and Tyson waved at EVERY single one.
 And when the cars would drive on by without stopping he made this cute little face and watched the cars longingly as they kept driving.

We ended up having a great experience.  Before the stand was even fully set up, the first customer came by and asked Tyson how much the lemonade was.  "FIVE DOLLARS!" he asserted.  We were all laughing.  Looks like he's very confident in his product.  We told him that he needed to change the price, though, and she said, "Well, here's a quarter for each of you."  The neighbors across the street EACH bought a cup of lemonade, and so did the neighbor next door, and several people stopped by.  One teenage girl just stopped by and gave them a dollar and didn't drink any lemonade, and one kind little old lady gave them $2 because she hadn't seen a lemonade stand like that since she was that age...which means it's been a REALLY long time.  I honestly don't know how she's gone that long without seeing a lemonade stand.  : )  And our favorite customer came by--some nice, older, generous gentleman in a BIG truck.  He stopped and drank two cups on the spot and gave the boys $10.  He didn't want change and he called them budding entrepeneurs as he drove off.  I loved it!  The boys rolled in a whopping $17.50 and were able to have enough to buy the Lego toys they've been dreaming of.
 The day wore them all out, though, and everyone at the mall ooh-ed and ah-ed over our baby and his brother asleep in the stroller.  It really made me feel good that everyone kept telling us how cute our kids were, haha!  Some teenage girls exclaimed, "That's so cute!  Take a picture!"

We showed up to the Lego store prepared to buy the Avengers Legos with Hawk-eye and his bow & arrow.  But the store presented too many amazing options and Tyson changed his mind when he found dinosaur legos, and Emmett was a happy camper with his fire-man lego set because he understood that all the other ones he kept grabbing were too much money.

So much for getting my kids to work more--my $ earning chores don't earn them anywhere near as much money per hour.  Tyson is ready to sit at his lemonade stand for the rest of the summer.  We had such a great time!