Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boy Emmett

I don't know what it is about love, but sometimes love just hurts.  It doesn't hurt a lot today, but thinking about our birthday celebration for Emmett just tugs at my heart a little bit.  I can't believe this kid is 3.  He, on the other hand, has a hard time believing that he's not 6, or 4, or that he's not JUST AS BIG as his older brother.  Haha!
We're in a really fun stage with Emmett right now, but it is definitely a new and different stage.  His favorite movie used to be Tangled, and he would hug me and kiss me at the end when Rapunzel kisses Flynn.  I often used to call him "My Cutie Patootie" and he'd grin back at me and say, "You're a Tooey-Tooey!"  And without fail, when I would ask him, "Will you be my little boy forever?", he would say, "Yes, I wiwll!"
But all of a sudden one day, about a month or two ago, when I asked him if he was going to be my little boy forever, he responded, "Nope.  I grewed up!"  And now his favorite movie is Star Wars, and he has me read him the beginning part every time.  He makes me insert something about Darth Vader (even if Darth Vader isn't mentioned in the paragraph).  And he doesn't "give loves" as freely anymore...and he seems to only like doing things if it was his idea... 
This picture is a prime example.  Don't you love his pouty face?  He was laughing two seconds before the picture, because he had the donuts on his eyes, but when I suggested a picture he was not happy.  Oh well--serves me right for suggesting the idea.  : )
Making faces was Emmett's idea, and he's the birthday boy.  That's also why we made donuts today.  OF COURSE it was Sunday, so we had to improvise.  I asked him, "What do you want for your special birthday breakfast?  Eggs, or pancakes, or cereal...."  His response: "Donuts." (clearly HIS OWN IDEA and not anything I suggested).  We only shop on Sundays for emergency things...even if it is a birthday...but it's a typical Emmett situation for this stage that he's in and fortunately we found a way to make him some donuts for his birthday breakfast.  Whew!
Here's another snapshot of life with this adorable kid:  we were in the middle of getting ready for church and he wanted me to read to him, but when we told him to pick his favorite book, he translated it into his favorite twenty-nine"That's my favorite, and that one, and that one, and that one..."

 I don't know if he's shy or what, but he wouldn't smile while we sang happy birthday.  I think he liked his pirate cupcakes that my mom made for him, though.

 He had fun opening presents and having the spotlight for a little bit.  He has a special place in his heart for all of his family and it makes me feel good to have the love from all of them.  He loves all of his aunts and uncles and grandparents so much, even if he shows it only on his terms.  : )  When we're at Grandma & Grandpa Borden's house, he will often refuse help from me because he wants Grandma Borden to take care of him.  I could mention the way he interacts with everyone, but I don't have enough room.  I'll just mention one more:  I also really appreciate the way Brian has treated him.  I don't know what it is about Brian, but he's got this really soft side with my kids, especially Emmett that makes me happy.  Ever since Emmett was tiny, it seems they have had their own little connection, and I know Emmett looks up to him and has felt special because of his cool uncle with a motorcycle who will pay attention to him.  : )

 Even though I knew it was impossible for him to be my little boy forever, I still kind of feel like it's not really fair that he thinks he's grown up already.  No matter what, though, I'm his mom, and no matter how big he gets, I will probably always think of him as my little boy, my cutie-patootie, my little buster, and thanks to Mitch's creativity he has his own Star Wars theme song that's here to stay, too:  "E-M-M-E-T-T, spells Emmett!  That is the boy who we love, don't forget it!"

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emmett!!!!  We love you!