Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life With Boys...

No one ever told me what to expect when you give birth to boys.
...Maybe that's because you NEVER CAN PREDICT what they're going to do.
When you have boys help you do the laundry, you just might find their underwear on a hanger.
When you have boys and need to get a dish rag, don't be startled by the Transformer/Exo-squad guy pointing his gun at you.  He's just hanging out there waiting for bad guys.  Naturally.

When you have boys, don't expect to take a picture perfect photo--they'll tell you WHEN AND WHERE they want you to snap shots (whether they're wearing shirts or the toys are picked up or not--it's on THEIR time table).  And if you have a boy named Emmett, he might just smile for one picture, even if it was HIS idea and then tell you, "That's enough.  No more pictures."

 And when you put the BIGGEST of the boys in charge of getting ready for "Mustache Day" at school, you can expect the most deluxe mustache selection possible.

I can never guess what they will come up with next.  They never cease to amaze me. 
It's like I get a daily epiphany that "BOYS WILL BE BOYS!" 
But oh, how I love my life with all of these WONDERFUL BOYS!