Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

Just when you think your day is going great because you had a fun morning with cousins and friends, you get home to realize that the next half of your day is going to be disastrous!  Your bus driver is on vacation and the poor guy running the route was given the wrong maps, leaves the school 10 minutes after the kids should have already been home, gets all mixed up and returns your Kindergartner safely to his stop only 50 minutes after you were at the stop waiting.  He pulls up and you realize it's a friend of the family who actually wishes you didn't know him today and he drives off.  That's when you start laughing because the situation is suddenly comical and you call Transportation to let them know that even though you called earlier wondering what on earth was wrong with the buses today, that the driver is actually a nice guy and deserves a second chance.  : )

Then, just when you think things will calm down and you can move on with your day, you sit down with your baby and realize he stinks and there's something slightly wet and sticky on your arm and when you look down you see that there's a reason it stinks.  Yes.  The poopy diaper HAS just blown out ALL OVER YOU:  on your pants, arm, shirt, and all over the baby's clothes, and it's NASTY because he's recently started eating baby food.  By the time you get the child smelling powder-fresh and rinse out the poop stains from all the clothes, you realize that you were actually wearing the only outfit that was clean because it's time to do all your laundry again.  *sigh*  And then to top it all off, the lunch hour has come and gone because of bus issues, baby issues, and laundry issues, and fortunately your older children know how to feed themselves, because amidst all the chaos they made themselves a lunch out of chips--and not the nutritional kind.

How did my day turn into this?  I don't even know!!!!  But all I can do is smell my tropically scented candle melting and remember that this is my paradise.  The dirty dishes, the homework, the bills to pay, the poopy diapers, and late buses, and laundry...and I don't ever want to miss a day of this.

Because in My Paradise we also get to build forts and have Star Wars marathons when the boys' daddy comes come.

 And in my paradise, my 4 month old sucks on his fist, and he's such a cute, and good, and happy baby.  And he grinned at me the whole time I cleaned up his blow-out today like it was a normal day.  He didn't even know he pooped all over me!!!!

 And in this paradise, I have a son who sports his band-aids from getting his shots FOR DAYS, and he builds Lego creations that he won't let me take pictures of--such as a tower of Lego heads.  And he waters the plants for me, even though we have a drip system, and I can never get him to keep his clothes on for the day...somehow he always ends up without his shirt on, or only in his underwear.  Crazy boy!
 And in this Paradise, I have a Kindergartner who says his prayers on his own and writes notes to my Aunt Mary who just lost her husband, and his note reads, "Love to Aunt Lewis, From Tyson"  Naturally the Lego family includes some robot stickers, too.

Most days are crazy.  Most days I can't keep up.  Most days I wonder if we'll be able to keep making it on one income.  But no money in the world could ever make up for the time I have with these boys.
We're just having another, regular, crazy sort of day in Paradise.  : )