Saturday, August 25, 2012

When Obi-Wan-Kenobi Makes the FAMILY TREE...

You've GOTTA take 100 pictures!!!
This was taken the night before.  Oh!  The anticipation!  The boys started calling the pinata 'Kenobi, and after the entire experience, Tyson said that " Well, 'Kenobi is part of our family tree, now."  So we made sure to include him in our family album.  Enjoy!
'Kenobi & the birthday boy!

The Birthday Buddies WITH 'Kenobi

Tyson holding the light saber WITH 'Kenobi

Emmett laughing in the background, and Tyson pretending to attack me with 'Kenobi.

The reality of trying to take a family picture WITH 'Kenobi

The only picture Emmett looks "good" in with 'Kenobi, and he's still acting crazy because he's pretending to be fighting bad guys WITH 'Kenobi.

Miles with Obi-Wan-Kenobi

The END of Obi-Wan-Kenobi.  : )  But boy was it FUN!

My friend Elizabeth, A.K.A, THE PINATA MASTER, was my inspiration and moral support throughout the process of making our b-day pinata.  She makes it look easy, but it's really a lot of work, and she has the pinata makers Heaven of supplies in her craft closet.  : )  Liz told me to come over "for an hour or so" and I took ALL 3 boys with me because Mitch was still working and Tyson's birthday was the next day.  Well...6 hours, 5 bathroom breaks for Emmett, 4 nursing stops, 3 more layers of paper machet, 2 food breaks, and 1 pinata later, all of the finishing touches were done--the felt eyes, the felt hair, the cape, the colored tissue paper, etc.  I was AMAZED at how he turned out.  He looked EXACTLY like the picture of the Star Wars Lego Obi Wan.  It was AWESOME, and my boys had so much fun ransacking Liz' house with Sal & Mia while we focussed on our pinata project.

Proof that we MADE him ALL THE WAY.  : )  It was my project idea.  It consumed my week.  Oh, yeah, and it consumed the week for EVERYONE ELSE who helped me, too.  Mitchell & my mom are so NICE to put up with my hairbrained ideas.  Fortunately because of their genius ideas, he took the right shape and turned out great.  It took about a week to make our awesome pinata--we dried him in a warm oven and everything trying to speed up the process.  We stayed up all hours of the night, and basically there's no way I could have ever done it by myself.  I have amazing family and friends!  It was so fun to make a pinata!