Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

How did he go from THIS

to THIS?

My first boy is going to Kindergarten today.  He's so cute!  He's actually been worried about going.  He was worried about what the room would look like, and he was worried that he would miss me and that he would miss Emmett.  Just the other day he told me that he wanted me to volunteer in the classroom and "just sit in the corner stapling papers the whole time".  : )  But despite all of his fears leading up to this moment, we were ready.  At the store when we were shopping he told me and Mitch, "That's not what I'm thinking.  I'm looking for the right style."  He did like the backpack we got him, though.  This morning he was all set with a Lego Ninjago t-shirt, and a Star Wars Lego backpack.  Inside of his backpack he even had his homework finished from Meet the Teacher Night--complete with a bag of things he likes to share with the class, such as a dead cicada bug.  : )

This is such a huge milestone, and while I know that he's still "little", I feel like he's all grown up, and I wonder how the last 5 years went by in the blink of an eye.  I wonder if we really cherished every moment like we should have.  And I hope we taught him all the things he needed to know to be successful up to this point. 

I hope he listens.  I hope he loves learning and does well.  I really hope he makes friends and doesn't play alone on the playground.  And then I also hope that I won't get a call from the Principal's office any time this year.  Haha!  There's such a variety of hopes, fears, and emotions that go into a day like this.

Mitchell and I were laughing that Tyson bent down just like his teacher.

We all had a special breakfast as a family--Hootananny Pancakes--requested by Tyson.  And then we drove him to school in our new MINIVAN and wished him luck.  Emmett was a little sad he didn't get to stay, too, and Tyson said that he wanted to walk by Miles on the way in. : )  I did really well not crying in front of him, because I didn't want him to be scared.  I did choke up a little as we said good-bye and I told him I loved him and reminded him to be a good boy and to listen to his teacher.  Mitch had to coach me along as we walked out of the school.  The tears would brim and he'd say, "Nope!  Not, yet!  We've got to get through the front doors!" or "Wait!  We haven't made it to the van, yet!"  Haha!  I'm glad we got to drop him off as a family.  It was a perfect start to this new chapter in our lives with a kid in Kindergarten!

We all love you, Tyson Jax.  Hope you have a great first day at school!