Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Silly Boyz

Tyson usually does a great job being a friend...unless he's around a GIRL his same age.  I have a darling piano student, named Katie, who is exactly the same age & in the same grade as Tyson.  She's also brilliant for a six year old, she's talented, and makes me laugh with her little quirky phrases.  We've had a couple play dates together, and last weekend Tyson had some quality time with her while her mom (my friend, Rhi) was working on moving. I could tell that something about Katie's adorable little self just GRATED on Tyson's nerves.  WHY?  Is it just because she's a GIRL?   I absolutely love this chica, and part of me secretly wishes she were my own little, pixie-of-a-princess sort of daughter.  But after seeing the Jekyll side of Mr. Tyson's Hyde, I realize that (for now) having only boys in our home is the only way to keep his sanity.

Last weekend's jabs towards Katie:

"We would like you more if you were more like a MAN!"
Katie was shocked that Tyson & Emmett would say such a thing, and I- told her to tell them back that she'd like them a lot more if they were more like a girl.  She just smiled.

Later, we were driving home with Katie.  I picked up the boys from G'ma & G'pa Borden's, and Katie happened to see a sign about a news station on the drive.  "Oh! That reminds me," she shared.  "I got to go on a tour of ABC 15!"  Tyson rolled his eyes, completely UNIMPRESSED and retorted, "DUH!  EVERYONE knows their ABC's!"  We tried to explain to him that it was a news channel on the TV, but he was still on his soapbox: "There are so many more letters, and you're just stuck on the 1st three." 

I've never seen Tyson act like this before.  I felt like a broken record all evening telling him to use a nicer tone of voice, and to be friendly.  I guess there's a first for everything--even an exposure to the true meaning of "cooties".

Emmett likes to one-up people.  Yesterday, we were driving past the Gilbert Temple at night time & it was all lit up and gorgeous. 
I said, "I'm the first one to see the Angel Moroni!" 
Tyson piped up, "Me, two!" 
Emmett yelled, "Me infinity!!!!" 
Because Miles is so young, in many ways I expect him to not understand certain things, but kids never cease to amaze me.  Every morning, I drop Tyson off at school, and Emmett is sometimes sad--like on the first day of school, his head dropped and said he missed Tyson.  Miles could care less; he's usually just along for the ride.  But that's probably because he gets to go everywhere Emmett goes.  Well, the other day I took Emmett to a little kid class & dropped him off, and Miles immediately started squawking & trying to get out of his car seat to follow Emmett, because he wanted to go, too.  It seriously broke my heart, but it was also so sweet that he was sad to be away from his big brother. 
Little brothers are little friends to the end.