Friday, September 13, 2013

Star Student

On September 13th, we were invited to be special guests in Tyson's 1st grade classroom. He was the STAR STUDENT. As his guests of honor, we told the class facts about our son, and read his favorite book to everyone.

Of course it was also a Spirit Day, and Tyson was wearing his Backyard Safari/Bug Vest for Career Day--it was perfect, because he wanted to show the class his vest anyway, it was a reflection of WHO he is, AND (at this point) being a nature explorer is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He told me he wants to make a discovery someday. He's so cute.

Naturally, the book he wanted us to read was The Spiderwick Chronicles--a 5 book series that Mitch has been reading to the boys each night.  According to Murphey's Law, Mitch happened to open up to the most boring chapter of the entire series to share with the 1st grade class.  Most of the students sat open mouthed with blank expressions until Tyson lightened the mood by miming the characters as Mitch read about them.  Then the class really got laughing, and the chapter became interesting, thanks to Tyson's funny faces.

The funny faces began to spiral out of control, however, when Tyson couldn't turn them off during the question and answer portion.  I was in agony waiting for the 4th & final hand to be picked.  I realized Tyson was in the spotlight, he didn't really know how to handle it, and I couldn't really save him or talk to him about it until it was over.  I thought Tyson was embarrassed by so much attention & his public speaking of sorts so he made silly faces to deal with the spotlight.  Mitch thinks that Tyson was simply trying to make his friends laugh, because he can & it works.  All I know is that this is a stage of child development we've never been to before with a child.  It's a new adventure, and if I don't accept that my son is suffering from a diagnosable ailment called "CHILDHOOD", I'll end up checking myself into a psychiatric ward for obsessing over the unanswerable questions of what is and isn't normal for a 6 year old, and before I know it, he'll be grown up.  I've determined after our hilarious 20 minutes with Tyson and his class, that even though he seems to be the ONLY one in the class who relishes stories about fantastical, invisible, creatures, and although he seems to be the ONLY one who is obsessed with catching snakes, lizards, and bugs, that most likely ALL 1st graders have some sort of love or passion that makes them quirky in their own little ways.