Monday, March 15, 2010

Eyes Only For You

There was a day that Emmett looked at me and his eyes filled with complete love and adoration every time I picked him up--without words it's as if his little spirit inside was saying he was so grateful for me and thanks for the delicious food to sustain his life. This morning, however, as I picked him up out of his bed, instead of giving me that look, I saw it cross his face when he saw Tyson came to greet him, too. Am I jealous? Undoubtedly...just a little bit. : )
I don't even think Tyson understands how much Emmett looks up to him, already. Tyson will do something and Emmett wants to do it, too--his cute little eyes just follow Tyson around the room and he gets this earnest little expression on his face. 5 months old and he's already trying to grow up to be like his big brother.