Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've Got to Remember

So many moments in each and every day are filled with me thinking that I've got to write them down. I simply can't record them all, but I wish I could remember everything. In the Book of Mormon, Jacob 7:26 talks about how their "lives passed away as a dream". That's how I feel like my life is. Each precious moment is ever fleeting away, intangible after the second it has passed. We can only hope to enjoy our lives to the fullest if we seize each moment we live: Carpe Diem. Too often do we miss the best parts of living simply because we've been having the wrong attitude or we've been looking to the wrong sources for comfort and peace. A couple months ago I was all down in the dumps about some relatively hard things that I was facing and as I would pray for help to get through them the words would come to my mind, "These are good days." I was also given a priesthood blessing and was told that I will look back at these times with fondness and joy. The only way that's going to happen, however, is if I look at these days in the right light. While we need to keep our lives in order financially, and temporally, our greatest focus should be on those things of an eternal nature--our time together, our love for each other, working together and enjoying the time. My kids aren't going to remember that there was X amount of dollars left in the checking account or X amount due to bills, they're only going to remember if they felt love and how they were taught. I'm not going to remember the stresses of life, either, when I look back, but I know if I don't take advantage of the time I have I will wish to be back here again to do it over. So here's to living without regrets:

Our life recently:

Tyson was playing with dinosaurs and talking in voices.
"How old is you baby?"
"My baby is 2 months."
"Oh! Mine is 30."

Grandpa Tenney: "Why are you such a good boy?"
Tyson (thoughtfully): "I don't know."

Yesterday Tyson wanted me to be animals for him so he could ride on my back, but I wasn't feeling so well, so this is how our conversation went.
Tyson: "Mommy, can you be a horse?!"
Me: "Not right now, I'm so tired."
Tyson: "Oh. Can you be a cow?"
Me: "No, sorry."
Tyson: "Mommy, be a pig."
I couldn't take it anymore I was laughing so hard.

Several months ago we were going out of town and were meeting my parents at QT. While we were waiting, Mitch went inside the gas station for something & before he got inside I remembered something I wanted so I got out of the car and was talking/yelling to him & he was yelling back--just because of the distance between us, not because we were mad. Anyway, when I got back in the car, our conversation went like this:
Tyson: "You not talk my daddy."
Me: "I can talk to your daddy."
Tyson: "No, he going store. You not talk my daddy."
Me: "Your daddy is my husband, and I can talk to him."
Tyson: "No, he NOT you husband."
Me: "Yes, he IS my husband. We got married so he is MY husband AND he is your daddy."
Tyson: "Dang it!"
I laughed over that one for a long time.

2 weeks ago I was disciplining Tyson for something & put him in Time Out and he was sassing me and as I got fed up, I heard myself saying, "Stop talking back! You're not allowed to talk back to me!" Then I realized that he had no idea what talking back meant. So I started explaining to him that "when Mommy tells you to do something you say 'Okay, Mommy', because it's rude to say 'No' and that's called talking back." I totally thought it went in one ear and out the other. Later that day, I believe, Mitch was home and put Tyson in Time Out for not listening. I was in the kitchen and over heard them. Tyson was talking back again and I had the urge to march right in there and tell him that he was talking back and that it wasn't allowed but decided that I would let Mitch handle it and be the dad since he was the one addressing the original issue. I figured he could just deal with the talking back however he saw fit, seeing as he didn't hear our earlier conversation. Tyson talked back a couple times in response to what Mitch was saying to him and instead of addressing the talking back issue specifically, Mitch paused and repeated whatever it was that he wanted Tyson to understand about the actions that got him in Time Out. When Mitch was done talking, Tyson said, "Daddy! I talking back at you!" My mouth dropped open in the kitchen when I heard that. I was trying so hard not to let Tyson hear me laughing. That was the last time talking back was allowed. 2 1/2 or not, he clearly understands the concept. It was so funny, though.

Last night--
Tyson: "Mommy, pway dinohaurs wis me. You want a be da long neck?"
Me: "Okay."
Tyson (with his dinosaur): "No, T-Rex! Don't eat our babies!"
Me: "That's, right. Go away, T-Rex! Leave our babies alone. Roar!"
Tyson: "Don't eat our babies! Eat DINOSAUR FOOD!"
--I had to resist the urge to tell him that our baby dinosaurs ARE dinosaur food.--

We've been doing a lot of activities with our friends Ashley, Kevin, and Katie. I also use the word actually, a lot. One morning Tyson came around the corner and said, "Mom, Asshlee, no letter sound, /k/ /k/, Asshlee"
Me: You're right, son, Ashley doesn't have the letter sound /k/ in it, but k-Kevin does, and so does Katie...k-k-Katie.
Later I realized, though, that just the day before, he was using the word 'actually' and it sounded like 'Ashley' and I had asked him "Are you saying Ashley or actually?" So when he came in that morning he was telling me which one he was specifically using and that he knew the slight sound difference between the two words. HE IS SO SMART!

Emmett is so adorable. He is going to be crawling any day now. For the last couple weeks, he's been trying to reach things in his sight and especially when he's on the ground he tries to wiggle over to them. He squawks a lot when he does this. This past weekend I caught him several times in push-up position. The only parts of him touching the ground were literally his hands and his toes. I kept trying to take a picture of it, but could never quite snap the shot in time. I am amazed! He is so strong! The past couple of days he's actually been able to push up onto his knees and then reach for what he wants before he falls down. It's just a matter of time. My baby is acting so grown up. We've got to turn down the speed button.

One of the things I love the most about Emmett is that even though he's mellow, he's determined. He's got a quiet sort of energy in him and it's really cool. Several of the other babies his same age in our ward have not been rolling over as much as he has been and haven't been trying to crawl at all, yet. I totally thought Emmett was going to be in their shoes because he's so laid back, but he's proved me wrong & he's trying new things out earlier than I thought he would. He's so cute. People keep telling me he looks like me. That actually fills me with a sense of pride. I like that he looks like me, I don't know why, but I just do. Maybe it's because it's like a stamp of ownership--yep, the cute one is mine, and he looks like me, because I made him. Heavenly Father's plan is so neat. I love being a mom & I love my babies!