Monday, March 15, 2010

Sobe: Official flavored beverage of REVELATION

This is Mitch Posting. Tonight I decided to award myself with a Sobe. It had been a long day at work, and despite still recovering from a little sickness I got a ton done. One of the fun things about Sobe is reading the underside of your bottle cap. Tonight it told me "You are kind of a big deal." I totally agree, I am. But my know it all sister-in-law Erin didn't think the bottle cap was telling the truth.
I then had to tell her the following true story.

A little while ago Debra Jo and I had volunteered to pass out flyers supporting Prop 102 in AZ (similar to Prop 8 in CA) We were told there were not quite enough flyers for our assigned area so don't put them on vacant houses or doors of people we knew were already suporting the amendment, and to follow the spirit when deciding which houses to put the flyers on the doors of. We were alomst done, about a half dozen houses left when we were down to one flyer. We started debating which door to put our last flyer on. The one where we were standing or the one across the street with cars out front. We went ahead and put it on the door next to where we were standing. I decided that would be a good time to pull out the two Sobes I had brought along as a treat. I had stashed them in the bottom of the stroller that Tyson was riding in. I handed one to Debra jo and opened the other for myself. I looked down at my cap and read this "Other Door"
We recieved personal revelation though a divine flavored beverage's bottle cap. So we promptly retrieved the last flyer and put it on the "Other Door." If Sobe can be an instrument in the hands of God to defend the true definition of marriage, surely it would not lie when telling me that I am kind of a big deal.