Sunday, August 15, 2010

Because I Want to Be Like Nephi...and dwell in a tent....

Is it possible to win the Hubby of the Year Award multiple times within the same year?  Well, Mitch is certainly headed that way.  Monday night for our weekly family activity he went above and beyond.  Not only did he prepare a lesson, he turned it into a backyard camping extraveganza.  Tyson was so excited!
Mitch taught us a lesson about how Nephi and his family had to journey in the wilderness, and they slept in tents.  They also had a "special ball" called the liahona that would tell them where to camp, but they had to be good boys and girls in order for it to work.  (I seriously love hearing scripture stories tailored to fit toddler understanding & attention spans).  At any rate, we got to cook our own food in the wilderness of the backyard, and we taught Tyson what S'mores are...he's had them before, but it was like everything was new and exciting for him that night.  Isn't he adorable interacting with his daddy during the lesson as he attentively ate his hotdog at the same time? 

Lucky for me & Emmett, the family tent happened to be missing a pole from when Mitch took it to a Father's & Son's campout this past Spring.  Our entire family was apparently going to camp in the backyard to conclude the lesson, but the big tent didn't work out, so Mitch & Tyson camped out in the little tent while me & Emmett enjoyed the cool A/C all night long.  The next day Mitch said he'd slept better, but I don't think Tyson cared.  It was the best FHE we've had for a long time...what on earth am I supposed to to tomorrow?  I already know it's going to pale in comparison.  We're apparently in the market again for a family sized tent...if anyone has one for super cheap, let us know. : )