Thursday, August 12, 2010

You're Killin' Me, Smalls!

E.J., you get into EVERYTHING!  I never knew how busy you would keep me.  All this time I've been saying, "He's such a GOOD baby!"  I wouldn't say you're bad, now, but you're definitely making up for all the time that I had it easy.  I simply cannot keep up with you right now.  You're 10 months old, going on CRAZY!  Here are some baby attributes that describe you right now: quietly curious, unfulfilled, has to EAT (taste) everything, never wants to be alone even for a second, happy, thoughtful, discovering, and exploring.  You put a whole new meaning to "He's IN to everything."  You are literally IN the cabinets, IN the tupperware, IN the shelves and books, IN the mess (wherever the mess may be, because it was most likely created by you), IN every corner of the house, touching, feeling, and TASTING everything.  The experts say that babies learn by tasting things--I certainly hope that's true--we need some sort of benefit from all of the messes you're making.  I guess I can handle it if it's in the name of learning.  I LOVE YOU! 
...What are you INTO, now?