Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"I Like My Silly Clothes"

I used to think I understood what it meant to have mis-matching clothes (you know, not pairing a brown belt with black shoes, or not wearing odd patterns together, or making sure to keep warm colors together and cool colors together).  Having a 3 year old who is dressing himself gives mis-matching an entirely new definition. 
 Just one week ago he chose a 2T blue Surf Dog shirt and paired it with a 5T pair of Cars swim shorts that doesn't fit him, but he insisted he should wear it to Grandma Borden's house.  (The fact that we have a 5T Cars swimming suit is hilarious to me, because Erin found it on sale at WalMart for $2 last year.  She couldn't pass up a deal like that because she says Cars is timeless and she gave it to Tyson as part of his gift for his 2nd b-day....BAHAHA...well, he's got a couple more years before it really fits him, but he found it in the back of his drawer last week & was in love already).

Today's of his cousin's loose fitting motorcycle t-shirts paired with tight fitting camo-pajama pants

Our conversation:

Me:  We should go get you dressed for the day in some different clothes, the ones you're wearing are kind of silly.
Tyson:  I like my silly clothes.
Me:  Well okay, then.