Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Squawk Squawk

We hit a few fun milestones this week with E.J., who has been lovingly nicknamed "Baby Squawk Squawk" by his big brother.  It's so hilarious to me that Tyson made it up and endearingly says it with a squawking tone...I'm pretty sure this nickname is going to stick around a while.  Besides getting a new nickname Emmett has...
  1. ...started folding his arms on his own for prayers.  On Monday he saw us praying over dinner and quit playing with the food on his tray, brought his little hands up by his chin and held still for the prayer.  He does it every time, now.  Grandpa T says that he winked at Emmett last week during a prayer and that he understood he was supposed to close his eyes so he covered his little eyes with his own hands.  SO PRECIOUS!
  2. Emmett has a favorite book, now.  It happens to be The Napping House.  We read it over and over and over, and he carries it around the house sometimes.  Luckily this favorite book of his is in a board book format, which Tyson has also termed as a book with "fake pages."  Whenever the boys try to read books and look at the pictures Tyson makes sure that Baby Squawk Squawk gets the ones with fake pages and that the books with real pages are safely in his own hands.
  3. Yesterday, Emmett brought me a box of muffin mix and wanted me to open it--he thought that because there was a picture of muffins on the front that I would open the package and he would eat it.  Instead he got to help me mix up the muffins.  He had so much fun and wants to help me stir each time I cook now.  He grinned and said cheese on purpose for this picture documenting the first food he made.  SO CUTE!