Friday, December 17, 2010


 Tradition means that the pecking order is still alive and well.......
uh......but in reverse order with the youngest three of our family. 
 Tradition means that come "heck or high-water" you still go because you'll have a cruddy day if you don't...even when it means ditching your extremely ill husband on the couch at home. (Let's give a shout out to Mitch for surviving the flu AND strep while we played in the snow...we left at 6 am and returned at 5pm and he was IN THE SAME PLACE WE'D LEFT HIM.  Quit reading this it makes us look bad, but in our defense, no one knew how sick he was until later.)
 Tradition means that all you have to do is say,
"This is our first annual ______"
and you've got something worth keeping.
 Tradition is repeating your son's comments because he's the funniest person on the planet: 
"Let's make a snow-tomato!"
Tradition means that even though I have 500+ pictures of family on 4-wheelers at the beginning OR end of their Christmas tree hunt, that I take another one just to make sure we capture an "original" kind of moment.  (Surely this picture is slightly different than the other 499 similarly posed photos from previous years.) 
Tradition means that ON SITE you chat about what you're going to name your picture folder this year so that you don't accidentally delete all the photos from "Christmas Tree Hunting" last year.  Should it be Christmas Trees 2010, or 2010 Christmas Trees?
Tradition is 3 generations discovering the LOVE in kicking off the Christmas season the right way:  in the woods, with your family, marching through mud or snow, traipsing through the forest, snowballing grandma's car, having vehicles getting stuck in the snow, bailing others out, hunting for hours to find the PERFECT tree, remembering the trees of Christmas' Past, having freezing fingers, building a fire, eating Thanksgiving left overs, and loving every second

This is our TRA-DI-SHUN!!!