Monday, December 20, 2010

Killing Venus Fly Traps...

It's been an interesting day to say the least.  We started out by finding the 17 year old cat we've been caring for took her final rest on our back porch.  We saw Santa, but it took an hour and a half of standing in line, and this afternoon when the neighbor kids left to go home, Tyson got bored & found some spray paint that my very talented husband (who is also making gifts for Christmas) just happened to leave out barely in the reach of our curious and imaginative little Tyson.  When I smelt the aroma of spray paint I RAN outside and this is what I found:
The explanation:  "I had to kill the Venus Fly Traps!"  Only my sweet Tyson would come up with something like that--it's a perfect mixture of 2 of his favorite things:  Planet Earth movies and his own little imaginative, yet "logical" world..  For your viewing pleasure is his demonstration of how a Venus Fly Trap moves.