Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Funny Conversations

D-Jo:  Remember, there are salt water animals and freshwater animals, and the salt water animals would die in a lake or river, so they have to stay in the ocean.  And the goldfish and other freshwater animals can only live in the lakes because the ocean is too salty.
Tyson:  Let's just mix the sea water and the fresh water together.
D-Jo:  You can't really do that, because then the salty water wouldn't be salty enough for the salt water animals, and the freshwater wouldn't be good enough for those animals and they would both die.
Tyson:  Okay, well then the catfish and the dogfish will just need to stay in the freshwater at Lake Powell.
D-Jo:  Right.  : )

D-Jo: (Reading) Rinoceros are the only animals with horns on their noses.
Tyson:  What about Triceratops?  Triceratops have horns.
D-Jo:  Yeah, but Triceratops are not alive anymore.
D-Jo:  No they're not, because they're dinosaurs.
Tyson:  Triceratops are alive anymore!
D-Jo:  Really?  Where?
Tyson:  They are alive at the jungle!!!!

Tyson (to me & Mitch):  I love you both more than 3 garbage trucks.
Mitch:  Are they full or empty garbage trucks?
Tyson:  (LONG pause & contemplation)  Full.  Dey are full.  I love you more than 3 FULL garbage trucks!!!

The next day:

Tyson:  Mommy, I love you more than a dead tree.
D-Jo:  Thanks, son, I love you more than a dead tree, too.