Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Faith of a Child

My oldest son, Tyson, is only 3, and he already demonstrates faith and gratitude.  Whenever he loses something he loves (like his blanket, or the purple Bob books, or most recently his brand new Hot Wheels motorcycle), we will do everything we can to look for it, and at the point where we're defeated, in pure and simple faith he will say to me, "Mommy, let's just pray to Jesus!"  So we do.  We kneel down by his bed, or in the living room, or by the couch at grandma's, and we will ask for help to find what he's lost.  In every instance we have found what he's lost.  In the case of the little reader books, a friend came over a couple days later and found it in a totally random place that we would have never looked and Tyson immediately said, "Jesus helped us find the purple book!"  It's so sweet!  I remind him to say a prayer of gratitude, and so then we'll kneel down again and tell the Lord, "Thank you for helping us to find _________."

This morning, Tyson was getting in the car with his brother and daddy.  They were going to buy more eggs for a special New Year's breakfast.  I was sitting down to play the piano, and he darted back into the house with excitement to tell me:  "Mom!  Come look!  There's ice on the flowers!  Jesus gave us snow!"  A couple of days ago, there were reports of snow in the valley (which I haven't seen since I was little), and I thought it would be fun if we could see it.  But since it wouldn't stick and was so light in the places it was coming down, I talked myself out of trying to drive to the areas where the clouds were dark to show the boys, because there was no guarantee we would happen to find it.  We sent up a wishful prayer that if it was the Lord's will, that maybe we could get snow over by us, too, and we bundled up and played outside until there were no dark clouds over us anymore. I figured the answer to our prayer was "no", and that was okay.  But here we are, 2 days later, and the ice on the flowers-which really does look like snow reminds my son of the prayer we said, and it makes me cry that he would immediately remember whence the blessings came. 

What a great way to start off the New Year--with another simple prayer answered.  We love the Lord!