Monday, January 17, 2011

My Desperately Important Scarf...

...and Bebe's Birthday.  :)

I own a scarf.  I love that I have a scarf!  I almost never ever need a scarf, but I wanted one, and Christmas morning, my DREAMS came true!  Mitchell bought me the one thing I could not live without when we were at Disneyland this year, and he hid it until Christmas--he even put on the best believable facade ever--being disinterested & annoyed that I would want to make such a frivolous purchase that day.  So I restrained, and he bought it behind my back anyway.  I LOVE HIM!  Don't you love the scarf, too?  It's so beautiful!  I also got the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic for Christmas from Taylor, and I can relate COMPLETELY to the Girl in the Green Scarf.  Sometimes the manikins just speak to you, and sometimes you just really must have that "Desperately Important Scarf".

As for this picture--I love it for another reason, too, besides the fact that I'm sporting my new scarf in it. :)  Heber had a birthday, again.  But this year, more than ever, I just look at him and wonder where the time went.  He's the baby of the family, and as the oldest sister, I used to just cart him around on my hip.  There are 12 years between us, but I have always felt close to my brother, Heber.  He's a great kid!  I used to hug him and tell him I was going to squeeze him forever.  Sometimes you just wish you could!  I've always thought he was adorable & we'd squeeze his chubby little cheeks.  I don't know what happened, but his face isn't round anymore, he's taller than ALL of his siblings and just keeps growing, and at school last year, his coach nicknamed him "Casanova".  Wouldn't those girls just leave him alone?  He's MY baby brother!  : )  He cracks me up, because for New Year's we were shooting off so many fireworks that when my mom asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he decided he wanted a bomb-cake.  My mom with all of her creative cake-making skills once again delivered an original masterpiece, and it was tasty! 

Happy 15th, Mista Hebe!