Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lovin' On Emmett

I sat down tonight to blog about other things, and I just couldn't get past these pictures, so the post turned into a "let's adore Emmett" session. : )

Emmett is so lovable. He's always looking up at you, just like he is in this photo. 
It's so adorable.  I'm sure his little neck gets tired.

Some quick 18 month stats for my little guy:
  • He weighs 25 pounds
  • He's JUST BARELY shorter than the counter top--pretty soon he will be banging his forehead on the corner and hating life, but for now, he's still happily zooming under it.
  • He pushes chairs around the kitchen and climbs on top of the counters all by himself (I've had to unplug the counter top appliances, and move the steak knives to a new location, i.e., ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE)
  • He's a singer.  Last night I was singing "I'm a Child of God" and he would sing the last word of the phrases AND MATCH MY PITCH.  Kids are seriously amazing.  I couldn't believe he was recognizing tone and imitating it so well.
  • One of my favorite things he says is, "Ty-tee, wheh-aahh -oooo" (Tyson, Where are you?)  I also love it when he tries to hand someone his sippy cup or something, and he'll say, "hewe, hewe" (here, here)
  • Emmett LIVES for the outdoors.  He loves playing outside, riding bikes, watching cars go by, and going for walks.  He goes stir crazy in record time if we're inside the house too long.

Emmett has blue eyes that pop out every so often.  He's also known for having messy fingers and cheeks.  I love that he has rosy cheeks when the weather changes.  I should put lotion on them, but he's so cute!

Emmett is a tease.  He's always been that way.  Before he could walk, he was blowing on my skin and laughing because it makes that sound that boys think is hilarious...you know what I'm talking about.  To this day, he will find any area of easily accessible skin (my arm, my neck when he hugs me, or my knee), and he'll make the sound, and we all laugh--plus it tickles.

This day, back in January, he stole Grandma Tenney's glasses and wore them around the house for at least 15-20 minutes.  He kept discovering himself in the mirror, too.  Funny, boy!
*Video disclaimer*  The house had stuff all over it because my family had a million projects going on that day--don't judge, because it's usually clean.

It is not an uncommon occurrence to find Emmett with his hand in something like the peanut butter jar.  Don't you love how he's not only saying "cheese" for the picture, but he's still got his eyes on his cartoon, AND he's still got his hand in the peanut butter?  He REALLY knows how to work the system.  Don't let him fool you.  Also, don't try to put clothes on him when he's not in the mood.  It can be freezing outside, and he will run away from you simply to avoid putting on his clothes.  He'd go commando if we'd let him, but Mitch has discovered that's NOT an option. : )

There was a while when he had to wear his hat sideways or backwards...I'm talking ALL DAY.  The phase only lasted a few days, but it was so cute!

He also went through a phase where he HAD to wear the Lightning McQueen slippers--he and Tyson would have to take turns so I could keep them both happy, but Emmett spent this morning (also in January) at Grandma Borden's trying to jump in his slippers.  

He's just stolen my heart!  We are so blessed to have sweet little Emmett Joseph in our home.