Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two for Two: Just When You Think Your Kids Will Never...

Ever heard of A.B.C. gum?  Uh-huh. Gross, right?  Emmett doesn't think so.

A few weeks ago we were at a Boys Volleyball game, cheering our hearts out for Mista Hebe.  Little Mr. Emmett was having a great time exploring the seemingly "clean" bleachers in the gym.  After inspecting his new territory he crawled over Mitch's lap, over my lap, and headed for Papa.  My dad looked down and asked, "What is he eating?"  I thought nothing of it at first, and half a second later decided to swipe his little mouth to find a circular piece of hardened gum with chomp marks in it. 

"Uh, Mitch, did you give Emmett gum?"  

I'll bet you can guess what his answer was. 

It was so NASTY!  Good thing I have a sense of humor, because we got a good laugh out of that one.  Don't worry; he didn't get sick.

And our second little story for your amusement happened at McDonald's a week ago.  I was with my friend, Katie, and we had 6 children ages 4 and under in our watchful care.  In the commotion of rounding them up out of the play area so we could load up and go home, Tyson's water cup slipped out of his hands and made a mess all over the floor. Katie's daughter, Bekah (she's about 2), leaned down almost immediately to pick up the ice and eat it.  Do you want to guess who followed suit?  Not Emmett--he prefers ABC gum in public places.  Mr. Tyson, who's turning 4 in just a few months, was the one who felt like the ice looked appetizing.  Before I knew what happened, he had a handful of ice taken off of the disgusting restaurant floor and shoved it in his mouth.  He had it chomped and swallowed before I could even tell him to spit it out.

I can only imagine what all those other parents thought of us as we took our bustling group of kids out the door.  They certainly had a comedy show.  Ha ha!  Fortunately, luck has been on our side, because Tyson isn't sick, either.

I'm a successful mother, I guess.  In the category of funny stories for last month, it looks like our kids are 2 for 2.  : )