Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to My Life: Beautiful and Mundane

Our family life hasn't been overly exciting, lately.  In fact, most of my days have felt overwhelming & filled with mundane tasks.  Despite the monotony of taking care of kids, cleaning up messes, and filling our time with a crazy schedule, I still feel like my life is beautiful.  I think I feel that way mostly because it's MY life.  No matter what it is we're dealing with that day, it's a blessing to be able to get to deal with it, and it's uniquely my lot to handle.

 Beauty:  The kid that made this mess is so cute and can destroy anything I do in record time.
Mundane:  I have to clean up this mess for the um-teenth time, when I JUST CLEANED IT an hour ago!

Beauty:  When he's so serene like this, he can't mess anything up.
Mundane:  Sleep time means we're not learning or playing together.  *Tear*  The truth of the matter is that whenever my kids take a nap, I think that I'll get something done, and for whatever reason, I just can't get as much done as I think I will.

Beauty:  Ty-Ty makes a great human pillow, and he THRIVES on the attention from his Daddy.
Mundane:  8 hours of Conference is A LOT for a little guy in one weekend.  Good thing we had coloring pages.

 Beauty:  Caden got baptized & confirmed and we got to be there.
Mundane:  Tyson's ideas trump ours.  Forget posing for a picture b/c he adamantly didn't want sun in his eyes.  : )  The other mundane part of this experience was that Emmett wasn't happy and silent throughout the entire service.  In fact, I pretty much missed most of the confirmation becuase I had to take him to the hall.  The part I heard when I cracked the door to listen was uplifting and nice, though.

Beauty:  Hearing my kids giggle as they played with boxes on their heads.
Mundane:  Someone always gets hurt and cries by the end.

Beauty:  We got invited to a really fun wedding reception--Mexican food, mariachi band, peacocks and everything.
Mundane:  It took 3 takes to get an acceptable picture with my Hubs, and in the end I still overanalyze things and worry about trying to lose more weight.  I've got to remind myself all the time to just be happy.  "Come What May and Love It"

Beauty:  We had a great trip to the Science Center.
Mundane:  OF COURSE Emmett wanted me to buy him a sucker.... WHY ON EARTH would they sell scorpion suckers?  Just to make my kid cry, I think--as if I'd ever let him suck on a candied scorpion.  What's that supposed to teach him, anyway?  NASTY. (A guy in line was actually eating one.  I asked him what he'd do when he got to the scorpio & he said he was going to eat it.  EEEEWWWW!  This is AMERICA, people, we do not need to do that.)

Beauty:  I had a helper with the dishes (Emmett).
Mundane:  I have to re-do the dishes and put all the silverware back in the right place every time he "helps" me.