Sunday, April 24, 2011

Something in the Water

This is Mitch, I guess it has been long enough I can post again. Last weekend my oldest brother Kit was in town. We all had a great time. Saturday morning we all got together at my parents house for a big breakfast, then the guys all went and played Disc Golf. We started at Emerald Park for a quick nine holes to warm up. They have made a bunch of improvements to the course. After that we went to The Dump. None of us are sure what the park is really called but they built it ontop of the old Chandler landfill, so we call it The Dump. We played all 18 holes there.
Kit decided that even though his wife and kids couldn't come this time (it was a business trip) he should still spend some time with his in-laws. They wanted him to go to the lake with them to test out the used boat they bought. They had more room so I was invited also. Disc Golf and Wakeboarding, sweet day. No time for lunch so we grabbed some snacks on our way. The boat worked well, I got right up, had an okay run, second and third runs ended with pretty violent face plants. enjoyed the rest of the trip. On the way home squished in the middle seat my stomach started feeling uncomfortable, just a tight swim suit and my not quite so flat stomach right? By the time we got back to Mom and Dad's I was running to the restroom. Sat on the toilet and placed the trash can infront of me and emptied both ends. Sorry for the detail, but it was much less comfortable to live it. Needless to say I didn't feel good enough for 8 am church.

This weekend was once again a crazy one. This time it was brother number two, Brad, and his whole family down from Utah. 4,000 Easter Eggs at the annual Harmony Park egg hunt. Debra Jo stressing over the bridal shower she was in charge of for her best friend Lindsay (congratulations). And my friends wanted to go river boarding. River boarding involves Huge triple ply bungee cords, large skim boards, a fast current and lots of fun. Well we had a great time and as always the drunk mexicans at the river thought it was awesome to watch. Got home, and stayed up late helping the Easter Bunny. What did I get in my basket? Doesn't matter, I haven't had a single jelly bean becasue I woke up vomiting again. Once again did not make it to church.

What is the deal? Is our water supply do tainted that a trip to the lake or river will make me lose my lunch (and breakfast and dinner)? I suppose I will need to experiment and continue going so I can make a more scientific conclusion.