Monday, July 25, 2011

Funny Kid-a-roonies

I sometimes feel badly, because I feel like I write down more things about Tyson than Emmett, but that's because Tyson could talk.  Well, Emmett is emerging into that phase, too, so now I've got to remind myself to write down AS MUCH as I did with my first child.  Possible?  Probably not, but we'll start trying. : )

Here's an example of Emmett's current coloring skill level. : )  It cracks me up to have him bring me something like this, to smile and get to exclaim, "That's VERY nice!  Good job!"  These are the days, let me tell you!

  •  Since my last post about Emmett's speaking abilities either he's had an increase in development, or I've had a heightened awareness of what he can/can't do, and I'm realizing he uses consonants all the time.  Lately the consonants come at the end of the words the most, but sometimes the beginning too.  He's not doing too bad, and even my mom can understand the things he says, so I'm not the only one who can "translate Emmett".  Occasionally we get all vowel words from him, though...for instance:  I will hug & kiss him and exclaim, "You're adorable!"  And he'll grin and point back at me and repeat what I said, "Oooh!  Uh-ah-uh-uh!"  Mitch and I laugh so hard, because he does this every time!
  • Emmett's favorite movies are Toy Story 1, 2, and 3.  He's always begging to play with "Uzzsh!" and "Ooo-eee".  We were at the store the other day walking down the toy aisle, and there was a Woody toy, but the Woody was like inside a truck, and I said, "What's this, Woody?"  And Emmettt immediately explained to me, "Ooo-eee!  Yeah!  Ooo-eee!" 
  • Another one of his favorite movies is Monster Inc, and he calls it, "Inc".  Unfortunately he got into the DVDs and tried to pull that one out and cracked it in the process, yesterday.  So sad.  The movies are now on the top shelf, instead of the 2nd to top if that's going to prolong my climber for very long.

This one segues into Tyson sayings, and it happened this morning....

Emmett LOVES to play with flashlights.  Like he's obsessed with them.  I know most little kids are or can be, but he will spot a flashlight from a mile away, turn it on, and carry it around the entire house forever...longer than it takes you to keep an eye on him to take it when he forgets about it...because he doesn't forget about it.  Tyson never did that.  Anyway, this morning, Emmett found the black light...I think he reached it because it was on the shelf the movies used to be on--high, but not high enough. 

Me: Emmett, we probably shouldn't play with a black light.  Don't shine it in your eyes.
Tyson pipes in:  That is a purple light.
Me:  I know, but it's called a black light.  Silly, huh?
Tyson:  Why?  It's the color purple.
Me:  I don't's just a silly name because it's a dark light, so it's called a black light.

More Tyson-isms:
  • Tyson is in to big words, lately.  He shocked me a little the morning after his birthday I asked him, "Did you have a great birthday yesterday?"  And he responded, "I recently had a good sleep."
  • The other day we were making bracelets in preschool and Tyson was making one for his Grandma's and he dropped a black sparkly bead onto his black pajama pants.  He looked down to find it and said, "Oh, there it is!  It's camouflaged!"
  • I can't remember when he used it, but he responded to me about something and said, "I certainly hope that...." at that point I quit listening to what he was saying and thought, "Did he just use the word certainly?"  Oh my gosh, it's so funny!  He's using such big words for being so little.