Monday, August 15, 2011

Word Approximations

I had forgotten how much I loved this toddler stage.

Emmett is so cute.  He's talking so much.  About half the time, he's still only saying word approximations, but the pediatrician told me years ago that it still counts as a word.  Here are some of my favorites:

Me:  I love you!
Emmett:  Aye uh oo, ooo!

This morning he was eating a Toaster Strudel (healthy, I know!) and said, "Mmmm, ishious!"  (for delicious)

And when it comes to counting he gets all excited and points to everything on the page...
"Wuuuun, Wuuuuun, Wuuuun, Wuuuun!"

Recently he's upgraded his counting skills to saying, "One, Oooo, Eeee, Sits, Nine!"

And lastly...this picture of my boys says it all.  Emmett is a ham, and Tyson can be distracted but thoughtful at times.  Just this morning he was thinking about his age, "Mom!  I am four.  I'm still older.  I am older than a bear cub."  He also was relating to me that he's bigger than a golf-ball.  It's so funny how Tyson sees the world around him.