Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Know Something is Seriously Wrong with an "Art" Museum when... realize the McDonald's you're eating at for lunch afterwards has more visual appeal.

I don't even want to go into it, because I'm sick of thinking about what a flop our outing yesterday turned out to be.  Basically I saw that there was free admission yesterday to the Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum, and that there was an "architectural display for all ages".  Around the corner was a comic book exhibit that sounded fun for the kids.  Let's just say there was a lot of false advertising going on.  Here are the honest critiques of some of the attendees:

Me:  You have this entire room with the sole purpose of displaying only this one piece?  That seems kind of useless."
Museum worker:  "It's art...all art is useless."
(Opinion:  Workers who take no pride in their jobs should be fired.  He needs to find a real museum to work at that incorporates some meaning, depth, and beauty into his life...clearly he's not being fulfilled by contemporary art, because it's a load of manure.)  I kid you not, there was more artistic depth in the blouse I was wearing, than in 99.5% of the museum, and for the record, if I shared such a terrible view of what art is, you'd better believe I wouldn't take my children to learn and experience those things.  Glad we know that we never need to go to another Contemporary Art Museum again--it's not our thing!

Other comments:

Myrna:  "I would have rather have gone with you yesterday [to the Children's Museum]."
Tyson to Mitch afterwards:  "We went to a super dumb museum, with only four rooms!"

Me:  "Well...maybe when Mitch asks us what we did today, I'll just tell him that we went to McDonald's...because that was the best part of our trip.  I think that maybe coming here today might have been better than letting the kids watch TV and movies all day...but I'm not quite sure."
Tyson:  "That was better than watching a movie I don't like."

Don't let these pictures deceive you.  It might look like we were having an awesome time, but this comic book exhibit only had potential to be great.  We made the best of it by paying the machine quarters for the kids to ride in it, and this place really was tons better than our contemporary art experience.  However, this exhibit still was not as good as our McDonald's experience (and the McDonald's didn't even have a play place for the kids).  LOL!  At least I didn't force my kids to watch a movie that they didn't like, though.

Proof that superman still exists. : )  And the villain's said the phone booth was out of order!  Pa-leeze!  You cannot stop my little super man!