Monday, September 26, 2011


What's the hottest thing on the Net right now?  DEAD FISH.  You heard me.  You probably won't find it in your MSN top-10 web-search list, but I'm telling you, it's BIG.

First of all, one of THE MOST amazing, sweetest, most adorable, kindest, thoughtful, and unique individuals you will ever meet--named CIARA (who happens to be my cousin)--likes dead fish.  You heard me.  We were walking through Wal-Mart together (classy store), and as we walked past the jewelry section she decided to take a peek.  Much to my dismay she reached for a necklace and set of earrings that resembled DEAD FISH!  All I could say was, "Why would you want to wear a dead fish around your neck."  She thought it was cute, but I definitely talked her out of it and she purchased the airplane jewelry set.

After our Wal-Mart trip I felt guilt and remorse.  Honestly, what would be so extremely wrong about expressing your true self by wearing a dead fish around your neck?  I could not find a reasonable answer, either.  A little while later Ciara and I had a situation where she tried to pay me for something and instead of letting her "pay me", I purchased the $5 jewelry set for her with the money because I knew it would make her happy and I had been planning on getting it for her anyway.

About this time, my son had been caring for a little fish that he got from his "Sunbeams" church class.  They had been talking about God's creations and the theme was "I love fish."  All of the 3 and 4 year old's came home with a tiny goldfish.  Before this experience I had taken Tyson to the Pet Store for some pet goldfish to add to our tank.  He named them Chick and Needie, but they didn't last long because the bigger goldfish would nip at their  tails so we kept them in a jar on the counter and cared for them there.  Well, they died and shortly after was the church lesson.  Tyson decided to name this fish from church Needie also, and he LOVED IT!  He would tell Ciara all about it and after a couple weeks when Needie was found belly-up, we buried him/her in the backyard, and Tyson even showed Ciara where.

At my family birthday party in July, Ciara came over and doted on both me and Tyson. Lo-and-behold in my gift bag was some cute jewelry--the BEST KIND!  I got a matching dead fish necklace and earring set.  What's hilarious is that I wear it all the time when I was initially the one who wondered who on earth would wear a dead fish around their neck.

Why would someone wear a dead fish around their neck, you ask?  Well, for one, it's the newest trend--it's HOTTER than owls and feathers that you see all over the jewelry stores.  AND it reminds us of  our Chick and Needie fish experiences.  My necklace is the "Chick" fish, and Ciara's is the "Needie" fish.  Honestly, this necklace has become one of my most cherished possessions.  I love these memories of the good times with people I love! : )