Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Purple Shoes & 1st Bridesmaid Bouquet....

When I found out Lindsay was engaged...I had the BRILLIANT idea of hand-making all 5 million invitations for her Bridal Shower. Lucky for me Lindsay has an amazing group of support. Between family and friends, we were able to make everything we envisioned happen. Jenny and Kelly were awesome and helped me plan and prepare for the Shower.

Just a sample of some of the things we had there. It was all amazing.

Every single person in this picture helped with the shower...and they weren't even the only ones! Terin & Sherri didn't make it into the photo because this was taken when it was all over, but I was amazed at all the help people were willing to give. Especially because we hosted it on Easter Weekend. It was a crazy time of year, but it turned out GREAT!

Whit, Me, Lins, Jen

I don't know why, but when Lins told me I was in her wedding, I didn't think about getting a bouquet, and I CANNOT TELL YOU how THRILLED I was with my GORGEOUS bouquet!!!! It made me happy the ENTIRE DAY!

I should do an entire blog post on my purple shoes's got a story enough to tell. Let me just tell you in a nutshell--my out of pocket cost was only $3.50 for a pair of perfectly matching purple shoes for my bridesmaid's dress. : ) Let's also just say that Mitchell Jay Borden is a STUD MUFFIN for spray-painting...YOU HEARD ME...SPRAY PAINTING these fabulous shoes. I'm not going to lie--my purple shoes and the bouquet were 2 of my FAVORITE parts of the day. I'm so glad Lins asked me to be in her wedding. The only other wedding I was in was my sister's...and I'm not really sure that I was considered a bridesmaid...I was a pregnant and emotional mess in Erin's wedding. It meant a lot to me that Lins would have me in her Bridal Party. I love her to bits and she's been there for me throughout all the years I've known her. I'm lucky we're friends. I had so much fun on her wedding day. It was a serious highlight of my summer. All this time we've been dreaming about what Lindsay's Prince Charming would be like, and now she's finally found him. It's such a beautiful thing!

Jenny and I had fun hanging out during all the pictures. She was really helpful for Lindsay--picking up things, and holding things, and I think she did her make-up...maybe not that day, but for a picture day. It reminded me of how awesome she was when I got married. I had been so upset because I wasn't able to get in the nail appointment I wanted, and AT MIDNIGHT the night before my wedding, Jenny painted my fingernails for me, and they turned out so pretty. I was so happy. Jenny is just an awesome friend like that. I love her!

Can't forget the dead bird we all stood by as we waited for pictures. Thanks for the pose, Cass & Jeremy, you look GREAT next to the dead creature with ants.

My first...and probably last bridal party's just not that common to get to be in weddings. I'm glad I had the experience.

The 3 Amigas

Can't forget to pose with the Hubbies! We all feel complete now. : )

Mitch is so cute. He wore the same tie that day that he wore at our wedding. I love him. AND, while I was busy being a bridesmaid...doing really hard work, like standing around and taking pictures, he went off to get me a soda from QT, and also brought me back a tongue tattoo. Haha! His says I love QT, and mine says Mix it Up. Haha! They only lasted for 15-30 seconds. : ) But they sure tasted good, and they were FREE.

I love this picture

Jenny is such a good mom. She was watching everyone's kids...while we were standing at a distance. : )

Tyson spent practically the ENTIRE night on the dance floor. : ) He was cracking us up with all of his moves.

I took a picture of Mike & Lins dancing because it made me cry. I'm SO HAPPY FOR THEM! I cannot even tell you how we've looked forward to her finding the man of her dreams. And they are so good for each other!
Since May 14th, and our experience dancing as a family on the dance floor with the bridal party, we've been singing, "Put your hands in the air, air, air, air...I put my hands up in the air sometimes, singing hey-oh, darling let's go....I want to celebrate and live my life, singing hey-oh...." Tyson knows almost all the words...especially the "dy-no-mite" part. : )

Tyson with his "best friend"...just yesterday he reminded me that Lindsay said he can marry her little girl when she has one...I love the relationship they have. Lins has always been good to my kids and they love her, too.

Tyson HAD to be by the bride and groom during the hokey pokey.

It was such a long, awesome, fun, FABULOUS day. Tyson did what everyone else wished they could have done.

Everyone should have a photo booth at their wedding. It's so fun!

Congratulations, Mike and Lins! I'm sorry this post is so long overdue. I love you guys! I had so much fun experiencing "my best friend's wedding". Thanks for letting me be a part of it! I'm so lucky to share these fantastic memories with you! We hope the rest of your 1st year together (and life together for that matter) is as beautiful as the day you got married!