Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Bug Whisperer

 Despite all the efforts I've made in the last 4 years to scream any time a bug, spider, or unwanted crawling thing comes near me, my son has NOT been affected.  This is probably a desirable scenario, seeing as I am raising boys, and screaming around bugs is a girly sort of reaction.  I don't know how this boy does it, but he can coax any bug he wants to hold into his gentle little hands.  On this particular occasion last week, Tyson became friends with a "Cheetah Butterfly".
 Emmett has a kind heart, too.  Pinched between his little fingers are some crumbs he found on the kitchen floor from breakfast or lunch that he's trying to feed our friendly little insect.

 The boys decided our Cheetah Butterfly needed a ride on a Tonka truck before I made them release him back into the wild.
This picture sums up my children's learning habits perfectly.  Tyson looks, points, talks, and discovers.  While thinking, Emmett participates in a pensive thumb-sucking session.  All that I care about is that they're learning...in whatever method is most effective for them.  I love my boys.  Maybe Tyson can teach Emmett a few tricks about bug whispering, because unfortunately the latter has been known to whack creepy crawlies with toys and sticks...I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of what Tyson did to coax his Cheetah Butterfly friend into his hands.