Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 This is my hilarious 4 year old who is too curious for his own good.  And, yes, those are dirty little feet, because I'm a stellar mom who lets her children play outside without shoes on most of the time, unless it's cold.
 I tried to get him to smile really quick, but he was ultra claustrophobic, even though he was stuck in there for under a minute.  Don't ask me why he thought it would be fun to play in the bottom of the stroller.
And this is my macho 2 year old, who thought he could pull his brother out of the stroller ALL BY HIMSELF.  I love these boys.  They crack me up.  : )  The stroller is now safely stored out of their reach.  I never imagined it could be a hazardous cave.  Leave it to the little guys to make discoveries like that.