Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smooth Moves

I can't stand it!  This is so cute!  I was watching a couple of kiddos this morning for friends.  The kids were running everywhere and were playing crazy.  We also had Beauty and the Beast on in the background, and suddenly they started paying attention to the movie when Gaston was fighting the Beast and fell off the mountain.  They started yelling like Gaston, too, and I knew my favorite part of the movie was coming next--when Beauty tells the Beast she loves him, and he transforms into a handsome prince.  I didn't want the kids to pretend to be Gaston through the best part of the movie, since it was the only scene I wanted to watch, and I told them, "Okay, let's be quiet.  This is the special part of the movie."  So they calmed down, and Tyson got his friend, Becca, to turn her head to watch it.  The next thing I know, he put his cute little arm around her and they snuggled innocently through the last 5 minutes of the movie.  I couldn't believe I caught the picture.  It cracks me up.  They had no idea I was sneaking a picture, but I'm so glad I caught it.  Do you think she can wait until he's home from his mission?  I don't know...that's quite a ways away from now.  They're still a little too young to dream about things like that, but today they made an adorable little "pair".  : )