Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lucky 7

About a month and a half ago, Mitch and I got to celebrate our seventh anniversary in a ton of fun ways.  My camera died the first night of festivities, so tough noodles for us.  We'll just have to imagine.

1st -- Texas Roadhouse for dinner Friday night

2nd--Staples to pick up Mitch a Zebra F-301 pen...long story...but HE LOVED IT.  Haha!

3rd--Saw the movie "7 Days in Utopia".  Enjoyed it and ran into a high school friend, Jenny Sterling & hubby.

4th--Saturday morning we ate a delicious breakfast made by Mitch.

5th--Went to Tempe Town Lake and rode the Peddle Boats together. 

6th--Had lunch and a $10 off $10 shopping spree at Kohl's

7th--Went to see David Archuletta and hear his "delicious voice" at the annual Constitution Fair in Gilbert.  Lucky for us, the Fowkes showed up and so did my sister, Jodi, and her date, who all hung out with us after to keep us up late and young. : )

I didn't realize it at the time, but our amazing weekend had 7 major events--is that lucky or what?

It's also lucky that even though I was pregnant by the time of our anniversary date, that I was not feeling awfully sick until the following week--I kid you not, that was a SUPER-MIRACLE-KIND-OF- LUCKY!

It's lucky that I found a man who dotes on me and makes me breakfast all the time.

Mitch and I are super lucky to be living close to family and to have 2 adorable boys who keep us ticking.  I could have never guessed 7 years ago the way those boys would have changed our lives together in so many amazing ways.

So far our 7th year together has turned out to be lucky for me that Mitch has been picking up all my slack during this pregnancy.  For the last 2 months I've been so sick (I can't even tell you) and at times I think he's simply just worn out from work, and home life, and lack of sleep.  So I'm lucky he wakes up with a smile and tells me he loves me even though it's not easy right now.

I look forward to seeing what other Lucky moments our 7th year together will bring us...like maybe the luck of having a baby girl?  I don't know--for a Borden that might have to do with having freak accidents instead of having luck.  Only time will tell.   : )  

I love you, HUBBALICIOUS!  Thanks for all the memories!