Thursday, November 10, 2011

Way du Doh, Daddeee!

You're at a church ball game.
There is a minimal turn out.
Practically no one is there to cheer.
The teams are running up and down the court.

You hear just a few sounds:  
        ...squeaking of tennis shoes, 
                                                     ...........a ref's whistle, 
                                                                   .......the dribbling of the ball.....

Cutting through the silence comes the cutest 2 year old voice:
"Way du Doh, Daddee!  Way du doh!"

and a little later...

"Dood-job! Daddeee!"

Daddy's #1 fan. 

It was just too cute. Mitch couldn't take it anymore, so he yelled from the court,
"Thanks, Buddy!  I love you, Emmett!"

and of course, came the adorable response across the cultural hall:
"I uv oo, too, Daddeeeee!

Tyson had some funny things to yell, too....LIKE...

"Way to go, Dad!  Chomp the blue team up!"
(Never mind it was the blue team that was slaughtering us, haha!)


Tyson: Let's GO AMERICA!
Me: You mean, Western Skies?
Tyson:  It's the same thing.