Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hudsters, The Bonk Boy, Little Man

Husdson is my favorite nephew on the Tenney side of the family. :)  My heart was changed when I heard of his arrival.  I cried the first time I saw him & held him at the airport. And every time I see his cute little face, I just want to kiss him, and hug him!

Miles has always been enthralled with Hudsters, and we were the lucky ones to get to spend some time with him this Summer.  Mike went on the "Guys Trip" with my Dad, Mitch, Heber, etc..  Erin was the smart one--she sent her little boy for a "boys trip" of his own, and she completed a list of to-do's on her "Staycation" at home.  Here are the pics of the time we got to spend with little Hudsters while he was on his own special vacation in AZ:

 Miles & Hudson - Car seat buddies!

Grab the babies before they crawl away!

 We're so outnumbered with men in our lives.  At least they're all AWESOME! :)

 Grandma spending time with ALL of her grandkids.



Painting a Rocket ship at the Children's Museum of Phoenix


The babies are naturals!  It was their first time painting, EVER!

 It's all fun & games until someone wants to take a picture.  Can you tell what Hudson is thinking?  What about Miles?  :)

Caught red-handed!

 The Zoo!  In the dead of and AZ summer!  Whoo hoo!

 I'm sorry, Erin. I couldn't resist posting this one of Little Man.  Hahahaha!


Bears?  Who cares?  Babies just wanna NAP!
Having Hudson in town was AMAZING!  We love him so much, and hope he can feel that from us.  We hope that even though we don't see him very often, that the time he does get to spend with us will leave an impression on him, and we hope he'll remember us, even though he's little.  He's the most darling little guy, and we're so lucky to have him in the family.
Lest you think it was all easy breezy, here's the reality of what moments of the day can be like with 2 kids who are exactly the same age.  I felt like we had twins!  In this picture they were both having serious issues sharing the attention.  If one was handed a goldfish, the other would cry. It's like you have to hand each kid the SAME thing at exactly the SAME time.  And then they would try taking things away from each other, too.  Not to mention that Hudson likes to tease Miles.  He holds something over the car seat, and just when Miles goes to grab it, Hudson moves it away.  It was HILARIOUS!  My mom took this pic on her phone & texted it to Erin with a message that said, "Life is great!  Haha!"  It really did get better, though, when we made it to the Children's Museum.

We love the Bonk Boy so much!  We hope to see him again soon!