Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Own River Monsters

My boys have been begging to go fishing for months.  For Father's Day Tyson wanted to get Mitch fishing poles.  For Mitch's birthday, we bought him a fishing license.  And finally, 2 months later, we had a night out with the family to catch the "River Monsters" at a local park. 

Let's just say it was AMAZING!

Quotes of the night:

Emmett:  Mom!  Smell my tackle!
Me:  No.  I don't want to smell it.
Emmett:  It smells like flowers!

Hahaha!  He was so proud of himself for tricking me after I smelled it and made a face.  I think he gets his jokester side from his FATHER.

On the way to go fishing, I was worried that someone was going to get hooked in the eyeball or something ridiculous, so we were talking about safety, and Tyson said a little family prayer before our outing:

"Heavenly Father, we just want to have a fun time.  Please help us not to get hurt, or lost, or distracted...please help this fishing trip to not turn into too much of a disaster."

Kids' prayers are the sweetest, purest, most darling things on earth.  I'm always trying not to giggle when they say things like that. 

Look at his priceless smile!  Emmett caught the first 3 inch WHOPPER!

As we were fishing, this delightful boy, Ryan, showed up and joined us.  He and Tyson are in the same class at school.  We had so much fun with him!  He didn't catch a fish, but TONS of fish stole his tackle.  I asked him if he likes being in the same 1st grade class like Tyson, and if he likes his teacher: "Yes.  She's so nice.  She's nice, like flowers!"

Tyson caught a fish, too!  LIFE WAS GRAND!
And apparently I wasn't overly successful in cutting that goofy face Emmett was making out of the picture.  Haha!

Darling kids!

Mitch caught the biggest fish of the night with a Fruit Roll Up.  Haha!  Ryan's mom gave us treats from the snack shack for hanging out with him during the evening!  What an awesome way to end the perfect night.
On the way home, Emmett said, "That was FUN times infinity, times infinity, times infinity."
After all that fun, though, Tyson IS still disappointed that we aren't taking their fish to the taxidermist to hang on the wall.  Haha!  Maybe someday we can do that, too.
What an epic evening catching our own river monsters! 
Happy Father's Day, Birthday, and end of Summer, Mitch!