Saturday, August 24, 2013

Memorable Gifts - Muy Hilariouso

I'm a little ahead of myself, because I still need to blog about how deeply in love we were with our Pogo Passes, and how darling my nephew Hudson was on his trip to see us, but such is the nature of how my journal & blog entries have ALWAYS been.  I'm not kidding.  If you were to pick up my personal journals from years past, you would find sections of EMPTY pages.  Those were the pages that I saved on purpose for when I would have time enough to write down the incredible details about events that were so impressionable to me.  Unfortunately, many of those blank pages remain empty because I have now forgotten the details.  Other times I couldn't simplify or condense all the things that were stirring in my soul, so that was another reason those pages were never filled.  I just never began the entry.  So much for my most important life experiences becoming impressionable to anyone else. :)  
Recently, my sister asked me if the fun things I did with her son were "blog-worthy".  Of course they were!  But that's my weakness.  Sometimes there are events that happen in my life that are so extremely blog/journal worthy that they become "TOO" blog worthy & in effect never actually get written down. I know. It doesn't make sense.  But there you have it:  it's my "Achilles Heel" in writing.
I really will blog about Pogo Pass adventures and HUDSTERS, though, so stay tuned.
In the mean time, you have got to see this.  Mitch turned 31 this year, and these are his 2 most hilarious & memorable gifts:
 We have Lego heads on the back of our van and since the FIRST time he saw them, Brian has called them "propane tanks".  Thanks a lot, Brian.  The symbol of our family, our definition of self, our cool little mark in the world just became a great big JOKE.  The other day I kept getting random calls with no voicemail from my brother-in-law.  I finally answered and he asked me, "Can you look at your propane tanks on the grill and tell me which side faces the hose?"  What an odd question.  I was so confused, until he showed up to bestow this most AMAZING gift to my husband.  The birthday card they gave us (written on lined paper) read, "Hey Mitch!  Here's your Lego head!  love, Caden", and "Happy Birthday, Tina", and "I told you the back of your van looked like propane tanks, Brian" 
Seriously, it was the best present ever. It was so funny!

These awesome Guinness swim shorts are also the most hilarious present ever.  Did you know that Guinness is a brand of BEER?  We didn't know that, because, well...we're Mormons.  My parents gave Mitch some new swim shorts for his birthday, and they happened to like the green & white stripes--we're not drinkers, so at least half of us (if not more) weren't even on the "Clue-bus" about the brand.  Boy, did we get a good laugh when we realized the faux pas (social blunder).  Thank goodness for gift receipts--our Bishop might stare a little funny at Mitch if he were to wear that suit to the Swimming Merit Badge activities he's been doing with the Boy Scouts.  Bahahaha!
Sometimes there's NOTHING you need more than family! 
They always know how to make you smile.